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I love bodybuilding,flexing,watching movies,swimming,and some jogging in the mornings:)).

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Size: 178 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Age: 31 yrs
Favorite quote: You, me and the bodies between us...
Nationality: Serbian
I offer my service for: will echtes Dating
Chest: BB
Underwear: Better Me
Parfums: Bliss
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: I m just looking of a nice gal i m just looking of a nice gal i m just looking of a nice gal i m just looking of a nice gal. G'day i live in newcastle, usually spend my weekends hitting the piss with my mates...


Quickly 60 eur 200 eur
1 hour 230 eur
Plus hour
12 hours
24 hours 1500 eur

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    Postet 11.07.2021 in 19:58 Sodoku:

    plus I've got trust issues because of my previous relationships... seriously, I don't know if I'm just unlucky or I simply choose the wrong guys. I am a little over sensitive and I always know when something is wrong. I caught him lying few times and I just found out he's got a second phone, second whatsapp - to make matters worse, he blocked my number there. I just can't take it anymore, I don't trust him so I packed and moved out. I'm not sure what's next, I know I need time for myself.

    Postet 11.07.2021 in 20:56 Chris:

    Thank you so much for your response. I'd like to read your thread, can you please post a link? Everything that you've said is exactly what I'm going through, it's everything that's going through my head. Wow, you really do feel my pain, and I'm sorry that you are going through this too .

    Postet 12.07.2021 in 10:23 Neidert:

    Originally Posted by Thunder77.

    Postet 13.07.2021 in 01:23 Canadian:

    I know that she's not, but doesn't the girl in the middle look like Sandi, from the Webe models?

    Postet 13.07.2021 in 23:31 Coydog:

    damn, first time i'd want to see one without the braces.

    Postet 14.07.2021 in 07:41 Hypoxia:

    I've taken a break from online dating, but when I did that, I'd stick to free or low cost first dates (coffee, a walk in the park, etc.) so there wouldn't be the whole negotiation issue. Or drinks & a shared appetizer (less expensive than dinner). And even with non online dating, inexpensive first dates are a good way to get to know each other.

    Postet 14.07.2021 in 21:34 Mutate:

    If I was married and my wife couldn't go on a trip, I'd wait until she could. Life is full of disappointments and she can join the F'n club.

    Postet 15.07.2021 in 09:46 Bedrock:

    Hey Admin used my idea about the latest news box :).

    Postet 15.07.2021 in 20:31 Kneeler:

    you guys like?ive got a few more of herbut they wont upload for some reasonive tried a few times.

    Postet 15.07.2021 in 20:58 Kanerva:

    Pretty much looking for someone easy going and who doesn't take herself too seriously. Stimulating conversation is a must of course which goes hand in hand with some serious laughter so a sense of humour would also help. A desire to travel would earn serious kudos as I'd love to explore this fantastic planet with that special someone.

    Postet 15.07.2021 in 22:29 Deerhound:

    A very gorgeous girl. Has a beautiful smile and attitude. Clean and safe apartment. be sure to visit this girl.

    Postet 16.07.2021 in 01:31 Lowboys:

    I am a very open minded perso.

    Postet 16.07.2021 in 12:29 Patching:

    OK so I'm basically new at this whole dating thing but generally 2 dates with not even a hug is not a good sign. Also I think its way to early to discuss the "status" of your relationship since you guys don't have a romantic relationship going on yet in the first place... I think that would really turn a girl off at this stage.

    Postet 16.07.2021 in 18:46 Scar:

    twosome pose sitting thighs.

    Postet 17.07.2021 in 12:41 Froggery:

    I'm just me. Tired of playing games with people. Im looking for something real an long. If you not then don't even hy me u.

    Postet 17.07.2021 in 12:51 Shive:

    such a self serving world these days leads me to feel, as i would think these ladies are church goers in fact i would bet my right arm(it sucks anway) using the word calling and the selfless nature of the letter....thats a godly thing so yes ladies of faith..........well,all in all, because of my own faith i find this post rather endearing, but then i am match maker myself......i am also an empath so i have made soem good matches in my time that would have maybe ended up in marriage if the guy hadnt died...........and i have four engagements as people i have matched myself with no help, adn lots of pushes from me, they could have ended in marriage if the world didnt get in the way ,the one that died was a drug overdose , if i had more time, but id yeah my plans of happy couples were not weddings i could attend and make dr suess cakes well you cant win them all, the engagements were broken...i am just not so good with myself.....and i was a match make long before i was a church goer.....always been empathic to others.....and i have worked with guys who didnt understand their gfs at all...i help others...

    Postet 17.07.2021 in 19:18 Blissett:

    Better late than never.

    Postet 17.07.2021 in 21:07 Scienze:

    Hi to all the beautiful women of Gods creation. Ok it’s hard to talk about yourself especially when it doesn’t have a specific direction to what you want to say but I'm easy going and love to have.

    Postet 18.07.2021 in 12:56 Lyndell:

    love the freckles, nice chubby boobs.....nice.

    Postet 18.07.2021 in 19:22 Nylon:

    Why are one pieces getting popular again?

    Postet 18.07.2021 in 23:31 Garnetz:

    I figured I should talk to her a bit and then try to get her number, but wasn't sure how to go about it. Thanks for the reply though, maybe you're right.

    Postet 19.07.2021 in 02:06 Arousal:

    Lefty might be dream girl. Actually hope she's 18 for once.

    Postet 20.07.2021 in 15:51 Harmonie:

    That's what I'm concerning about.. we're have been together for 4 years. We're both working and I'm still in university. All this sudden just too much for me. I might have to stay at home and do all the primary care.. I'll will talk to my husband about this.

    Postet 20.07.2021 in 16:31 Sorted:

    He helped you probably to get you hooked on him and dependent. That's how men like that operate.

    Postet 21.07.2021 in 07:05 Jakes:

    one of the tiniest baits on site!

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