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Bdsm bondage and discipline; dominance and submission; sadism and masochism. I`m master`s personal sex toy, i honour master`s collar with respect and talents as his good bad girl..

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Size: 190 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Age: 26 yrs
Favorite quote: Don't have one
Nationality: Swedish
I offer my service for: Lust auf echten Sex
Chest: like peaches
Underwear: Intri
Parfums: Maxim's de Paris
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: We are a couple who are very lucky to have a very exciting sex life girl is asian and love to please her man one his fantasies is to have a some with another girl and i jsut wanna give that to him so i hope th. I'm a tall handsome man who loves women and is...


Quickly 50 eur 150 eur
1 hour 280 eur 350 eur
Plus hour 210 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
12 hours 900 eur
24 hours

Reviews of this escort (24):

    Postet 22.09.2021 in 13:06 Jawor:

    I found out about three weeks ago that my fiancee of 6 years had been cheating on me for months now.... I was extremely in love with her and i just moved to a brand new city a few months ago and dont really have any friends or anyone to talk except people from work.... My fiancee was my only support system and i feel so abandonded and empty lile my life was ripped apart... I keep trying to not call her but i only last about a day and i call her asking her to come back even though he was the one that cheated on me... I feel so ridiculous after i do that and so weak.... I know that if i want her to realize how good i was for her and come back to me that i need tp give her space and not seem so needy and to quit acting like a little girl... I just feel like i have nothing else in life and and need to try to get her back to me abd not lose her to another guy.... Is it normal that i am feeling this way? How do i forget her? How do i stop calling? I keep trying to stay distracted but the thougjts are permanently in my hea. And i seem to not be able to get rid oc them? What can i do? How long willit take me to get back on my feet? Any suggestions from someone that lived through this? I just feel like my entire life changed from one moment to the other... Should i answer the phone if she calls? Im such a mess... Thanks for heling i really have no one else to talk to.

    Postet 22.09.2021 in 15:40 Unities:

    Well I thought I'd try one last time to be sure, saw her on Facebook chat today, just popped up and said "hey how's you?" no reply at all, she was signed in for 5 hours and posting statuses etc. So it was blatantly 100% ignoring me, guess she's gone from red-hot interest, to low-interest to not even wanting to talk to me all in one week, the strange part is the level of interest that's even dropped off since I last saw her.

    Postet 22.09.2021 in 16:30 Swordplayer:

    I have been on this website for a while now. PLEASE DO NOT BOTHER ME WHEN AND I.

    Postet 22.09.2021 in 21:34 Swiggle:

    Damn,hot ass!(bothgirls)Anyone know where I can find more pics like this,tight jeans on tight asses? thanks.

    Postet 23.09.2021 in 00:05 Hbishop:

    leaning db cleavage hoh freckles grayeyes blonde car rearviewmirror garage door autumn hairtie smile jeans hose crank.

    Postet 23.09.2021 in 04:44 Kral:

    Bobo, I'm not the only one who thinks she is wearing a glove, right? It definitely looks like it.

    Postet 23.09.2021 in 20:23 Married:

    How can you have a "connection with" someone who doesn't even know you or try to know more about you?

    Postet 24.09.2021 in 01:04 Invoker:

    Damn gooey..sorry to hear safe.

    Postet 24.09.2021 in 14:18 Monolith:

    The clubs start at 1500. Nice butt! :).

    Postet 25.09.2021 in 19:17 Kwhr:

    Texting gives you the advantage to thinking out what you want to say, gives you time to respond at your leisure (within reason of course) and allows you to respond from a less emotionally charged state if you are having, or about to have, a heated exchange.

    Postet 26.09.2021 in 04:08 Chernev:

    Guys are are only going by their experience...most people in general do not like phone calls. texting is also a great tool for the ones who lack confidence. If you get a texter, and not a guy that is bold enough to ask you out after a few messages, stop wasting your time on those ones.

    Postet 26.09.2021 in 10:03 Humps:

    Perfect body, adorable, sexy. Love her !!!

    Postet 27.09.2021 in 09:27 Floggin:

    It seems like she did really like you in the beginning, but now your behavior has kind of put her off, and she isn't sure how she wants to proceed with you.

    Postet 27.09.2021 in 09:33 Rewired:

    Hi.I just try 2 keep it simple and enjoy the things in life that truly matter. I would like 2 find a lady who has a similar perspectiv.

    Postet 27.09.2021 in 19:04 Sammy:

    *to the straight men looking: I can give you a good time. You're girlfriend can't do anything I ca.

    Postet 27.09.2021 in 20:27 Carlie:

    Since she started showing interest in me I have given her a hard time. Teasing her and kinda just being a dick. She knows I'm joking cause she feeds into so I feel like if I said that she would know I'm lying anyways and play into.

    Postet 29.09.2021 in 00:56 Apartment:

    Originally Posted by Confused9999.

    Postet 29.09.2021 in 11:37 Boulais:

    Well they don't have to be my priority, and the ex is certainly never at my house or in my life. His priorities are entirely up to him, but I don't have to share them.

    Postet 29.09.2021 in 13:25 Sherise:

    Being cheated on hurts just as bad when you are man but I don't think too many would condone a man assaulting an unffaithful woman.

    Postet 29.09.2021 in 18:16 Kathrin:

    I totally recommend she is professional and beautiful know how to do things the right way I enjoyed a lot she asked about every thing before the session so when i go there I did not need to explain any thing and I knew what I will be expecting and what I will have. place is very clean and quite and put me in the real domination feeling with all the toys and things she have it is almost like movies.

    Postet 01.10.2021 in 00:17 Boort:

    To be honest , a lot of the pics I have seen from users, such as Jane and Marsle and my assumtion of stargazer, we have a fairly attractive user base. lol.

    Postet 01.10.2021 in 12:08 Anlace:

    Sorry, just the way I see it. Take what you need and leave the rest.

    Postet 01.10.2021 in 13:21 Newcastle:

    About 3 weeks ago I went to a friends beach house and I met this guy who was a friend of a friend (we were 2 girls and 3 guys). One of them I felt he was flirting with me and I tried to flirt back (being subtle because I did not want everyone to notice!). After the beach we watched the superbowl (boriiiing) and he sat next to me on the couch and explained to me how football works. I thought he was cute and the flirtation/sparks were encouraging enough that I acted like I actually care about football.

    Postet 02.10.2021 in 01:34 Dnaleri:


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