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I love the beach and to surf the internet. I like sport and really love soccer!

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Size: 169 cm
Weight: 60 kg / 132 lbs
Age: 32 yrs
Favorite quote: "the choice we make dictate the life we lead"
Type: Albanian
I offer my service for: will swingerpaare
Chest: you will
Underwear: Gap
Parfums: Possets Perfume
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: We would love to meet up at a club for some intros then head back to a hotel and the guys can watch while the girls play i am a blonde looking for some fun, i will try anything new once i work away alot so i would like to just keep it casual for a start. Just out for some fun life's to short not to be...


Quickly 110 eur
1 hour 220 eur 330 eur
Plus hour
12 hours
24 hours 1100 eur

Reviews of this escort (23):

    Postet 10.10.2021 in 13:21 Ocotillo:

    beautiful slender body with nice flat chest on this sweet thing.

    Postet 10.10.2021 in 20:36 Zend:

    I think tagging a pic is far more important than adding it to a "list" - just my opinion.

    Postet 10.10.2021 in 22:40 Eastland:

    My boyfriend has really opened my eyes to what a caring, mutually fulfilling and respectful relationship should be. My needs are taken care of - never questioned or challenged - almost effortlessly.

    Postet 11.10.2021 in 18:43 Chase:

    Way to point out the obvious.

    Postet 11.10.2021 in 20:58 Clothes:

    My not letting go of my past, and placing him in the category of the others is a total low blow to him.

    Postet 12.10.2021 in 02:58 Nix:

    A webcam is a smart, short-term solution for this specific problem...but it does not address the self- and relationship-sabotaging behaviour in which you are engaging.

    Postet 14.10.2021 in 10:51 Prosector:

    More of this girl please!

    Postet 15.10.2021 in 01:36 Suevi:

    I'm a good man.. I won't send her out packing at night. maybe the other dude will be kind enough to give her a ride.

    Postet 15.10.2021 in 09:20 Demetris:

    As our relationship grew I made it clear I couldn't marry anyone that didn't truly love my kids. I had my radar up because I've seen to many times a guy will fame liking the kids to win a woman over.

    Postet 15.10.2021 in 12:58 Slasher:

    Best of friends sweet.

    Postet 15.10.2021 in 19:58 Euphonious:

    7. That I am the one ending it, not him.

    Postet 16.10.2021 in 00:09 Catbird:

    there's this girl i met two weeks ago. i asked her out and got her phone number. We probably would have gone out that friday but i was not gonna be in town that weekend. I found out however that we were both going to be at a baseball game on monday night (total coincidence). I went to she her at the game and when I went back to my seat with my buddies she leaned in to kiss me on the check and held my hand. (she was drinking that night). we were gonna go out this past friday or saturday. i texted her on wednesday about friday night but she said her roommate was coming to visit. I then got called into work that evening and then she texted me around 8pm asking if I was working all night that she was free that night. I was getting out at midnight so it was too late. Anyway, we've been texting each other back and forth, mostly flirting. Yesterday, when I asked her if she might want meet up during her dinner break at work she said maybe. Nothing worked out with that. So we've been back and forth texting each other. So what is the deal with this girl? Is she playing extremely hard to get? What should be my next move? Do I try to make plans with her again?

    Postet 16.10.2021 in 14:54 Bulman:

    Hey du could I get some feedback on the last 10 picture I uploaded, thanks in advance.

    Postet 16.10.2021 in 16:09 Samhita:

    I hope you don't hate me now.

    Postet 16.10.2021 in 18:26 Peaceless:

    I agree and didn't mean to imply otherwise. My statement was made in a more general vein.

    Postet 16.10.2021 in 21:26 Isthmus:

    I am Ashley, Nothing More, Nothing Less, Leave It Or Take I.

    Postet 17.10.2021 in 04:48 Seesawed:

    Nothing but the most flawless perfection!

    Postet 17.10.2021 in 16:41 Terresa:

    selfpic mirror camera colorful bikini ibt painted nails ponytail hoh smile sink towelbar window.

    Postet 17.10.2021 in 20:29 Nudger:

    I've been in a commented relationship for 3 months now. The problem is she's started ignoring me at times and its making it hard for us to get together.

    Postet 19.10.2021 in 06:10 Marimon:

    sideview shorts indoors.

    Postet 19.10.2021 in 11:20 Savoring:

    I was stupid - married a man 15 years my elder with a really bad track record. My family did NOT want this. They wouldn't shut up about it, guess what happened? They got cut out of my life when I decided to marry him anyway. They ended up back in my life before my marriage went south. Thankfully, they accepted me back and loved me in spite of what happened.

    Postet 19.10.2021 in 15:08 Porry:

    If it had been me I would have told my bf about my dinner and update him on the latest about my male friend but I would not have shown him a selfie of us just to be sensitive toward my bf. I know men don't like these opposite-sex friendships even if they play cool on the surface so I would not turn the knife in the wound by showing him pictures of my male friend and I cheek to cheek.

    Postet 20.10.2021 in 05:28 Cinefilm:

    selfpic mirror cellphone bracelet sideknot white haltertop bikini blonde tummyfan gap.

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