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I’m sure that we will find significant common ground. I love being creative and looking for new things.

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Size: 139 cm / 4'7''
Weight: 76 kg / 168 lbs
Age: 29 yrs
Hobby: bull riding, drinking
Type: Serbian
I offer my service for: suche sexy chat
Chest: Size tits
Eye color: gray
Parfums: Cosmopolitan
Orientation: bisexual

I am: I hate writing these things i suck describing myself i am not at all good at this but still here i go i am spectacular easy going, fun loving person i like challenges, adventures and fun movies u can't get to kn. Thought of a threesome turns me on, life is short so want...


Quickly 120 eur 150 eur
1 hour 260 eur
Plus hour 150 eur
12 hours 700 eur
24 hours 1400 eur

Reviews of this escort (20):

    Postet 24.01.2022 in 14:08 Wiggler:

    NO d**l pics, I do NOT send pics eithe.

    Postet 25.01.2022 in 00:17 Enclaves:

    this pic is like a reminder how close to steel bars that jb can get you hahaha.

    Postet 25.01.2022 in 21:37 Inviscid:

    raccoon bedroom streaked hair.

    Postet 26.01.2022 in 10:52 Reams:

    My fiance is about 8.5 and pretty good girth wise too, but let me tell you, he knows what he's doing with it. If he didn't know then the sex would be terrible because when I first saw it I was like "yeah...ummmm that's not going to feel nice"(TMI, I know), but it was actually amazing simply because he knew exactly what to do.

    Postet 26.01.2022 in 14:50 Johnath:

    You need to get more... :-0.

    Postet 27.01.2022 in 01:48 Gob:

    Also, we're both adults so we don't really like to play those relationship "games" that always gets each party guessing and sometimes confused.

    Postet 27.01.2022 in 09:36 Leavenworth:

    How the hell have I not found this picture until now. Incredible.

    Postet 27.01.2022 in 15:58 Gargaro:

    Also, I heard something interesting about the guy earlier this week... apparently I heard he boasts to his friends down the pub about his younger lover (my daughter) and how he's "down wiv it" (what does that mean?).

    Postet 27.01.2022 in 19:58 Cornicle:

    Sandy was the my first escort in Dubai and I can confirm she is still the very best. 2 hours just disappears and it felt like a dream. She has expanded her gel that now incls a hot wax that felt so good against her body. I enjoyed the shower and her mouth still is still the sweetest honey hole I have found. Still my best choice.

    Postet 28.01.2022 in 01:33 Vaitkus:

    I did not send him a lot of long emails either. I was pretty concise, but I was clear that telling me his house needs taken care of was not the way to a ladies heart.

    Postet 28.01.2022 in 12:18 Ragmen:

    Unrelated to my other thread, but what would you say is the average time before a couple becomes sexually active? I mean like how many dates, and weeks, months on average?

    Postet 29.01.2022 in 10:15 Misfortunate:

    Ah..., Dandilions, the only weed I know of other than buttercups and clover blossoms that IMO are actually beautiful.

    Postet 29.01.2022 in 10:16 Clival:

    Answer honestly...would you be okay if he had a girl friend this close to him? One that used to cuddle him in bed?

    Postet 30.01.2022 in 05:21 Clutching:

    roxy rainbow bikini hoh poolside blonde.

    Postet 31.01.2022 in 22:44 Tind:

    I think it's a bit silly to make such blanket statements. The problem, really, is that you are engaging in self-pity and placing the "blame" for your unhappiness on the world at large.

    Postet 01.02.2022 in 02:34 Eonian:

    Ask her out. No woman likes a man who is afraid to make a move. Even if you make one and she says no, she'll respect you for being confident enough to ask. You're going to screw around until she finds someone else.

    Postet 01.02.2022 in 12:26 Mcgowan:

    3rd one from the right.

    Postet 01.02.2022 in 17:28 Haggett:

    I don't feel any need to take care of a woman and I am glad my wife is financially independent but I would never want here to take care of me. To me a man does not leech off of others. If a man is a stay at home dad that is different because he is contributing something but for him to just a have a woman take care of him is not good nor is it any good for a woman to be a leech. I just don't like the feeling of having to depend on others. I was dependent on ths state once and I hated so I would not want to be dependent on a woman because of the relationship goes south she can use that against me. As far gifts I don't mind that because that is just doing something nice for each other.

    Postet 02.02.2022 in 00:54 Markweed:

    Tony as far as gaurds go...I may have the toughest one I know of. I was the only girl out of 6 kids and the youngest. You may say I am a little extreme compared to most women when it comes to havinga tough outter shell. I kinda look at relationships from a guys point of veiw. I say what I feel but never let the other person know or feel that they "have me". I keep a pretty nice mystery to me during relationships. It takes much longer than a few months of commitment to knock any walls down completely.

    Postet 02.02.2022 in 11:27 Antismoking:

    Love the eyes on middle.

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