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Size: 189 cm
Weight: 94 kg / 207 lbs
Age: 33 yrs
Hobby: One day I will write a book the likes of which can only be envisioned by stoned lonely gastronomes; exhibiting oompa-loompalistic dermatological disfigurements, and possessed by the spirit of Gene Wilder.
Type: Swedish
I offer my service for: Ich suche einen Mann
Chest: like peaches
Eye color: green
Parfums: Evody Parfums
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: Happily married but wife has no sex drive looking for ongoing nsa discreet affair with openminded lady in similar situation. We are a couple just looking for a sexy fling...


Quickly 50 eur
1 hour 280 eur
Plus hour 220 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
12 hours
24 hours 1300 eur

Reviews of this escort (23):

    Postet 26.07.2021 in 01:07 Sally:

    saw it too late gizmo..reference it in the future..caught me off guard.

    Postet 26.07.2021 in 07:38 Propios:

    hopefully into someone wiser and fuller-hearted. It's kind of hard seeking wisdom or help or even love from someone who has willingly closed him- or herself off .... like when you're a child, chances are you went to your mother or grandmother to soothe your hurts or pains, because they represented a wellspring of love and understanding. At least I did, going to my mother for understanding, because she had a vast resource of love that could carry me through whatever was bothering me (and still does).

    Postet 27.07.2021 in 10:06 Massagist:

    I have a great sense of humor and love people. I am friendly and outgoing and love to have fun. I would like to seek new adventures, make new friends, and do things i have never gotten to do. I love.

    Postet 28.07.2021 in 01:50 Catnap:

    Oh wow, two amazingly adorably cuties, one of my faves for sure.

    Postet 28.07.2021 in 08:35 Married:

    if you fav a pic while in uploads, and then it goes to main and gets a new number...does it convert to the new main number or would he have to look it up again to re-fav it?

    Postet 28.07.2021 in 11:45 Osteopathic:

    This morning I was shopping for groceries and I got a Snapchat from his log in that said "hi mike *not really his name* asked to me to tell you to not send him any more letters because he won't be responding. Thanks in advance!".

    Postet 28.07.2021 in 16:02 Unclean:

    Nice tits shame about the pout.

    Postet 29.07.2021 in 00:15 Sleeved:

    Originally Posted by LucreziaBorgia.

    Postet 29.07.2021 in 05:27 Entendu:

    His sister moved back and supposedly tried to help us see each other. She would pick me up at my house with him and drive back to their house. I got to spend time with him and his family. For some reason at this point they acted like all was well and that all the horrible things they said about me was gone. I just shook it off my shoulders. My mom taught me to respect my elders and to always be polite. I enforced that teaching and let it go.

    Postet 30.07.2021 in 11:00 Missile:

    Incredible body...there's no waaaay that's jailbait though.

    Postet 30.07.2021 in 15:15 Shoulders:

    Someone once told me, relationships are all about "timing". In otherwords, look at where you are in life and where he is.

    Postet 31.07.2021 in 17:08 Bluebird:

    daisy dukes red socks white tank laundry.

    Postet 31.07.2021 in 22:40 Klovatt:

    Need some advice, please critique my response. Was contacted by a female on an old site and I responded and she did not reply. She's 26 and I'm 29 almost 30.

    Postet 01.08.2021 in 03:55 Visualize:

    One of my all time favs :D!

    Postet 01.08.2021 in 16:24 Dreariness:

    All you can do here is watch and wait.

    Postet 02.08.2021 in 11:18 Picudo:

    Sorry for the long back story. Here's the main issue: I tend to be needy and demanding in relationships because I am afraid of being abandoned. I like to be reassured that things are going well. These days I know I need to focus more on improving my self-esteem and not crossing boundaries because I feel insecure - things like contacting / texting too much, etc, in order to have a healthy relationship.

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 13:15 Murugan:

    I like Tim. But I'm really uncomfortable with all his female friends. He seems really interested in me because he calls me every day. Most of the time he doesn't have anything to say. He just wants to hear my voice. Am I being insecure?

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 14:29 Limulus:

    Hmmm.... I wonder if there is more of the one on the far right?

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 16:31 Feminin:

    She kept asking me all morning why I said no to her friend and asked if I had a gf to which I said maybe. She also kept bugging me about adding her back on a snapchat which I finally did. No signs of Her appearnt "friend" that wanted to know if I was single. I honestly think she made her "friend" up but I didn't want to call her out on it.

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 16:51 Stagecraft:

    floral pattern bikini black and white pic tummy cleavage brunette 50's hair bump self pic.

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 17:26 Simson:

    One of the best bodies ever, absolutely what every guy wantd.

    Postet 03.08.2021 in 23:48 Varsava:

    Every woman is different when it comes to creating chemistry; my good friend is a model and very cute indeed, yet she cannot create adequate chemistry and the whole " butterflies" sensation men proclaim to feel among the women they have chemistry with..

    Postet 04.08.2021 in 11:05 Reforger:

    wtfisallthisthen....why are you here, if you're so worried by it?

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