Shameless Ivory 26 yo, masseuse Cremona

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I have a lot of show you. I like the anal show, i like oral sex makes me happy the surprises and everything that makes you happy i will do it.

Ivory's Personal info & bio

Size: 177 cm
Weight: 53 kg / 117 lbs
Age: 26 yrs
Favorite quote: The glass isn't half empty it is twice the size it should beOH MY GOD IT'S BIG
Nationality: Belgian
I offer my service for: bereit Sexkontakte
Chest: Size (C)
Eye color: green
Parfums: Eutopie
Orientation: bisexual

I am: Looking for that something extra that excites both you and me have time to get to know you, and time to ensure that this is fun for both of us. I am a bored housewife, i just discovered dating sites,...


Quickly 80 eur
1 hour 230 eur
Plus hour 100 eur
12 hours
24 hours 1200 eur

Reviews of this escort (17):

    Postet 20.03.2022 in 09:24 Catford:

    god damn that is nice, this is what i live for.

    Postet 20.03.2022 in 22:05 Niccolo:

    Theres this guy that i like and he says he likes me too, but i'm 99% sure hes just trying to get in my pants. If i get with him i think i'll end up with a 'friend with benefits' relationship. I'm kind of ok with that because hes really hot, but that sounds wrong, yet i can't really picture me going out with him either. Ok nvm I'm 100% sure he just wants to sleep with me , considering everything i've heard from everyone. I know listening to rumors is bad, but when you hear enough of them from enough people (especially one from your best friend) you start to believe them. And i know they're true. He's really confusing and complicated, he sends a lot of mix messages even know it seems he'll go for any girl. One day hes hitting on me a lot, the next he acts like im just another person. He's different from other guys, he's definitely a sweet talker and he seems like he really has respect for girls and cares about me...but then at other times it seems like he's like any other guy who goes around and just want to sleep with me. Are you as confused as i am?

    Postet 22.03.2022 in 23:01 Xxxxxxx:

    gorgeous smile and face.

    Postet 23.03.2022 in 00:41 Ideally:

    If you truly loved each other you could make it work, but there is nothing that you have posted about him that indicates he loves you. You may love him...but its not enough.

    Postet 23.03.2022 in 08:43 Tats:

    Wow really nice escort friendly and profession her service good.

    Postet 24.03.2022 in 12:47 Poitier:

    I was single by choice by age of 27.5 and loved it. Eventually biology took its course and I started dating/mating - literally wasted 5 years of my life in 3 relationships (2,1,2 years approximately). Will I do it again - yes, but I'll dearly miss my single times (when I'm single I am Single - not even joking with dates). If I can give an advice to younger people: don't stuck yourself in relationships because you feel you have to. It is a choice that fits some but not all.

    Postet 24.03.2022 in 17:28 Cymraeg:

    Cute little sweetheart.

    Postet 24.03.2022 in 21:05 Pardeep:

    Hi. well hello singer, song writer here, retired and enjoying life up here at 3,800 feet in Ocean View. Cool, no bugs, just right, absolutely wonderful..! Just got to the big Island and bought my.

    Postet 25.03.2022 in 04:25 Chimere:

    Anyways. I will just be safe, meet him again in public, and be weary of him asking me back to his house or being too pushy physically. I have to "feel it" to even kiss a guy.

    Postet 25.03.2022 in 09:34 Greet:

    I have too much self respect to put up with this ever again however and if after 'rebuilding' the dalliance was repeated, it would OVER, no further conversation had.

    Postet 25.03.2022 in 18:38 Bawdiest:

    goh white bikini pwh lookaway wading navel hairtie eyes closed pool.

    Postet 26.03.2022 in 14:39 Hammocks:

    Thank you ladies and hope to see you when I get back. And thanks Lola.

    Postet 26.03.2022 in 16:34 Secateur:

    Hope she doesn't eat too many of those. I'd rather see her slim (as she is) than fat ;).

    Postet 27.03.2022 in 15:40 Anacard:

    Her size is impressive already.

    Postet 28.03.2022 in 03:56 Badella:

    My mood and thoughts and feelings seem to change constantly. Part of me is extremely disappointed and sad and almost empty feeling......then there's a good part of me that's extremely angry that I allowed someone to sh*t on me the 'very first time' (my past posts here re: him)....part of me is frustrated that he has no fekkin' clue where I was or am coming from, I hate to be misunderstood and I can't relax until I believe someone understands my thoughts and feelings. Part of me feels sick inside cuz I really wonder WHAT is going on......I have suspicions and a lack of trust..have I been played for a fool and used for longer than I think?

    Postet 29.03.2022 in 19:20 Falange:

    so tiny and cute... nice.

    Postet 29.03.2022 in 21:58 Brothas:

    It seems strange that on the one hand, you're stating that it's no big deal because he comes home to you but on the other hand, you have a big jealousy problem.

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