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Let me share you my best figure for your amusement. Hello my name is angelina ashe and i am twenty two years old. I am an adult film star and i have shot over 150 xxx movies. I am a very naughty little slut who loves attention and fulfilling fantasies....cum in private with me ;).

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Size: 172 cm / 5'8''
Weight: 57 kg
Age: 20 yrs
Hobby: dancing (rapstyle) , playing basketball , cyclin , partying , breakdance , capoeira , techno , horror films , mp3s ,backpacking, camping, yelling at the sky, Guinness, Jameson, rock climbing, mosquito killing(*slap), origami, reading/watching sci-fi(what?.. yes, I'm somewhat of a dork), heavy metal, kung fu, running, animal control, disc golf, archery, concerts, and, ...sadly, hanging out by myself :( lol
Nationality: Swedish
I offer my service for: bereit sexuelle Dating
Chest: Size (C)
Underwear: Wolford
Parfums: La Perla
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: 20 year old guy looking to have fun with someone, open to meeting all ages, and willing to meet up. Really just down for some casual sex and maybe a movie or twoearly 3o...


Quickly 60 eur 170 eur
1 hour 230 eur
Plus hour 100 eur 220 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
12 hours
24 hours

Reviews of this escort (23):

    Postet 09.08.2021 in 23:38 Mogollon:

    I think it has been 5 days since I've uploaded my first picture. Any chance it will be on this site soon?

    Postet 10.08.2021 in 11:02 Skats:

    All of my friends think that it's naive of me. But I just love him soo much. I don't want to lose him. And he's not the first boyfriend I've ever had. I don't know what to think of everything..

    Postet 10.08.2021 in 15:44 Frangil:

    I say flagging privleges for Joe.

    Postet 11.08.2021 in 13:23 Schoollike:


    Postet 12.08.2021 in 01:06 Nici:

    If it makes you feel better and recover, then go ahead. You dont owe her anything.

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 10:30 Superpower:

    and I'd be willing to give up reading romance books any time. Not that I read a lot of that stuff anyway.

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 15:32 Tape:

    Do you think I'm overreacting or what? I mean, he talks as if we're gonna be together for awhile. What is ur opinion?[font=courier new][/font][color=red][/color].

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 19:50 Sniffing:

    It's pointless calling dibs on someone who won't go along. Had he dated her first or at all, that might have been dicey but since he wasn't interested in her, he's allowed to make his own decisions like the big boy he is. MOH can't squawk - she'd never have gotten the call anyway.

    Postet 13.08.2021 in 05:33 Smear:

    Note:I have noticed that there are a lot of women.

    Postet 13.08.2021 in 19:41 Mclaugh:

    maktub: Note the flag. What you're REALLY asking for is a ban. Time to read the red words, below.

    Postet 14.08.2021 in 06:16 Racemization:

    More than Neanderthal but less than Einstein.

    Postet 14.08.2021 in 17:11 Nbannon:

    I had to finally tell the other guy from Tinder that I couldn't meet him. He asked last night and I responded this morning that I couldn't anymore. Unfortunately just a matter of missed timing, if it had been a little sooner it may have been different. But the fact that this relationship with A has progressed in the way that it has, I want to dedicate my efforts to him.

    Postet 14.08.2021 in 22:14 Shawn:

    You've had it....yer done.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 00:20 Pentagon:

    I approve of this photo. Stunning.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 09:32 Wareman:

    I envy the photographer.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 13:34 Dunions:

    I never get tired of looking at this hottie.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 23:18 Blommer:

    You should have asked her out right then and there.

    Postet 16.08.2021 in 23:04 Bravado:

    blonde bun smile dimple dimples colorful bikini hos tanline dots cute ubercutie spunkybait outdoor sand umbrella fish turtle busty cleavage midteen - yc4m-fav!

    Postet 17.08.2021 in 02:10 Halstead:

    wow, think they can float?

    Postet 17.08.2021 in 05:04 Semidomestic:

    I respect that you adore your guy and that you wouldn't want to jepordize your relationship or your feelings for him. Props to that. With that said, millions of women have and do go out to get drunk and have stupid guys like me buy them drinks. That's how this cruel world is. There is nothing to feel bad about having guys buy you drinks. We understand that you spend lots of money on clothes, shoes, makeup, and take forever to get ready (and yes it drives a lot of BFs crazy), so buying a drink is the least we can do.

    Postet 18.08.2021 in 04:50 Broncas:

    I've been "spoiled" in the fact that my last two long-term relationships (I'm in my 20s and so were my partners) were with that small minority of people that refuse to be on facebook and are not crazy about social media, compared to them I would even feel guilty being caught taking a selfie. The only time I ended up with someone that loved social media (in between them and very brief) he was crazy about instagram and it literally made my life a nightmare to see the kind of things he would post and the way girls flirted with him... way after the relationship ended, I was still addicted to checking up on him. It was miserable. I don't have anything against people loving social media and if they get a lot of love from facebook and enjoy it, more power to them, but it's a bit like smoking (except worse), it's a real deal breaker for me and I don't blame anyone for second-guessing the relationship as a result.

    Postet 18.08.2021 in 08:19 Annie:

    How old are you and how old is he?

    Postet 18.08.2021 in 21:32 Zilla:

    Unless, as previous posters have said, the two people in question are gay.

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