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With passionate looking woman everything will be easy as you won't need to think about how things will go. I`m a hot ,sexy girl,that i love to dominate guys..

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Size: 141 cm / 4'8''
Weight: 63 kg / 139 lbs
Age: 30 yrs
Favorite quote: "She opens her box of tricks and begs me to pick from one of the million ways to feel no pain" -HUM ----"Every time you masturbate, God kills a kitten." -Old Jewish Proverb
Type: Georgian
I offer my service for: Lust auf Teen-Fick
Chest: you will
Underwear: Nadia Piskun
Parfums: Eden Park
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: I would like to find a friend to do some. I am a 5 ft 4 female with blonde hair and blue eyes...


Quickly 60 eur
1 hour 230 eur 360 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
Plus hour 220 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
12 hours
24 hours 1000 eur

Reviews of this escort (24):

    Postet 05.02.2022 in 10:03 Scorpions:

    I told him I am done with this situation and to call me just when he knows what he wants. I am just disappointed because I thought that at least we could be friends.

    Postet 06.02.2022 in 09:38 Rockwood:

    She is playing you for a fool. If the roles were reversed, do you think she would be putting up with such crap from you? Clearly she is hot for the other guy and has no problem lying to you about things. Do you really need to have a piano fall on your head to get the message?

    Postet 07.02.2022 in 16:40 Woan:

    Maybe it is that even though you have him in your sights for the future.. He doesn't see you in his.

    Postet 07.02.2022 in 22:20 Ully:

    The funny thing is, I actually wrote shoulder because it's closest to her tongue, and then realized I'd probably get ribbed big time from everyone sooooo I left it blank. You all have dirty minds!

    Postet 08.02.2022 in 07:48 Tiring:

    Incredible back shot!

    Postet 08.02.2022 in 14:53 Sissela:

    Hi.I'm a big hearted woman who loves unconditionally. I love old school R&b music. I love to smile and laugh and always find the positive in every situation. My biggest flaw I would say is I'm an.

    Postet 08.02.2022 in 23:15 Rheas:

    Just looking to see whats out ther.

    Postet 09.02.2022 in 14:16 Fash:

    Is there something wrong with this or am I just being paranoid.

    Postet 09.02.2022 in 19:43 Finned:

    If he knows its not cheating.

    Postet 10.02.2022 in 07:52 Snethen:

    ok...mad cause he is ignoring you. But it started 'cause he wasn't doing something-telling his mother- that he said he would.

    Postet 10.02.2022 in 11:59 Stuttering:

    I find it bizarre. At least from the sample that posts on LS.

    Postet 10.02.2022 in 15:58 Pathers:

    MVP material with passion.

    Postet 11.02.2022 in 06:20 Bisti:

    du - double voters as in more than one profile name? i just want to be sure we can't accidentally double vote a pic any other way.

    Postet 11.02.2022 in 10:21 Corer:

    remember though, when she did this we were estranged and completely out of touch. and also she only suspected how I felt since I never really told her.

    Postet 11.02.2022 in 13:43 Stenger:

    her and a couple friends .

    Postet 12.02.2022 in 03:50 Euglena:

    I don't think there is anything wrong in having a mate 'suss a girl out' on your behalf, but when it involves an ex girlfriend of his, that's a little weird. I know you feel like your friend has done the dirty on you, but he is not your agent, and given that this situation involves his ex gf, I think you are wrong to turn on him.

    Postet 12.02.2022 in 05:51 Tranquillize:

    I bought a new car, live in a loft, and manage to save money every month...gasp...without freeloading on my parents. Some people, including me, take offense at your sense of superiority. (2009 caddie, etc).

    Postet 12.02.2022 in 11:53 Reicher:

    i dont remember school being like this...damnn.

    Postet 12.02.2022 in 12:02 Kollman:

    Does anyone else consider her to have a resting bitch face?

    Postet 12.02.2022 in 16:51 Yorkers:

    daisy duke, panty peek?

    Postet 13.02.2022 in 08:14 Fuping:

    I'll explain this in greater detail - the 'emotional affair' I referenced is something people may or may not consider cheating. Often, it was talking about our relationships - including the problems that we were having, and the good times, and we bonded over that. I have never met the friend in person.

    Postet 13.02.2022 in 12:59 Lauran:

    Shame you can't see what she sees.

    Postet 13.02.2022 in 14:04 Carlsen:

    I'm a mom to a beautiful ray of sunshine. I'm a UNM graduate and I work in busines.

    Postet 13.02.2022 in 18:39 Bilbao:

    However, her story does not add up, she claimed she couldn't smoke with me because she has a group assignment to work on (and she does, I was helping her with it), but suddenly has time to smoke with her friend (previously on the date I asked her weekend plans and she was going drinking with that friend but she always claims to be doing something with this guy but is never actually away from her laptop on past 8 =/???).

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