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I will be your best sex experience whenever you call me. American 22 year old top host college cutie and i love attention - and teasing. Knowing that i can control a guy is hot! - Knowing that he can take control back whenever even hotter! Every fetish i`ve tried i have loved so far. I love pushing my regulars to try new things as well. - You never know.

Lilyana's Personal info & bio

Size: 150 cm / 4'11''
Weight: 61 kg
Age: 24 yrs
Hobby: Anything
Nationality: Polish
I offer my service for: Suche geile Leute
Chest: like peaches
Underwear: MyMokondo
Parfums: Parfums Berdoues
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: I'm a fit, tall, long dark haired man, Lilyana years of age with arm tattoos interesting in meeting new people and maybe more :)interesting in meeting anyone that is willing to make a new friend at the least :)we wish to meet a genuine, quality woman who hopes to share her intimacy with a active young at heart couple we will always guarantee discretion and give respect to the situation we are also very open minded and ope. Dont be affaid it me up for a chat and...


Quickly 100 eur 170 eur
1 hour 260 eur 330 eur
Plus hour
12 hours 900 eur
24 hours

Reviews of this escort (20):

    Postet 23.08.2021 in 21:50 Helluva:

    Sorry to bring back bad memories, but how far did you go with this married woman?

    Postet 23.08.2021 in 21:57 Oxford:

    oh my! she is beautiful!

    Postet 24.08.2021 in 00:02 Tumid:

    Great body and a sweet face.

    Postet 24.08.2021 in 22:16 Tramper:

    My theory is that if asking about being bf/gf scares a guy off, then he wasn't that into you anyway. I don't think you've got anything to lose.

    Postet 25.08.2021 in 11:45 Octubre:

    wow indeed, very pretty!

    Postet 25.08.2021 in 16:15 Iceman:

    Worse things have happened in relationships and recovered. The 100% this will not work attitude on here sometimes really has to stop, because most times no one ever truly can be certain of that just from the other side of a keyboard.

    Postet 26.08.2021 in 06:16 Loading:

    6. You are a doormat x2. Why can't you move on from that woman who "broke your heart" years ago? What was so special about her anyway? Just move on already! The next woman you meet is a different person, and whatever happened before has nothing to do with her. A true nice guy would realise that and would be prepared to give the new woman a chance.

    Postet 26.08.2021 in 15:55 Cabrilla:

    I'm asking this somewhat obvious question, because occasionally I get a guy much younger than myself interested in me. And it makes me wonder, what is it he is looking for? The phone rang tonight, and now I have that question again. Please tell so I can decide whether to call back.

    Postet 27.08.2021 in 19:53 Ysatnaf:

    What we both eventually realized is that we were two emotionally needy individuals desperate for love and companionship who clung to each other because we had no one else. We understood each other because we had the same unrealized desires. That, moreso than anything else, created the facade of love.

    Postet 28.08.2021 in 08:20 Royals:

    She agrees tentatively, because she thinks, she might have to work around her calendar. I email her the event details. The event has 4 possible open dates/time. She responds by saying, she can't make any of the dates, because she has a conflict. Then I suggest a couple of more options for some similar events on other days, and she comes back saying she can't make them either... she has some conflicts.

    Postet 29.08.2021 in 14:16 Hannelore:

    I'm very easy to get along with, kind, friendly and have a great sense of humor. i need a real guy and only real ones. I'm not here for you if you are a play boy. no one night stands I'm too old for.

    Postet 29.08.2021 in 15:37 Zenia:

    that you would start talking to her? Say, at a bus stop, or in a cafe or bookshop.

    Postet 30.08.2021 in 06:58 Tunis:

    navel piercing tattoo demoneyes sitting on bed.

    Postet 30.08.2021 in 09:47 Pedroni:

    I'm widowed. love to take walks, go to movies take trips love peopl.

    Postet 31.08.2021 in 01:06 Lemuridae:

    Yeah, let's hear it for the bottom space!!

    Postet 31.08.2021 in 21:23 Pyralidae:

    Looks are important to me yes, I like strong men but their personality matters just as much. I like them healthy and expressive and I'm lucky because some of them seem to like me as well.

    Postet 31.08.2021 in 22:03 Embolism:

    Id love to see more of her for sure.

    Postet 01.09.2021 in 14:30 Popple:

    After a year you should be done with this. If you can't determine that you love him or are in love with him you're just wasting both of your time. It nots that you don't care for him, but that you don't want him enough to be together forever. After a year you should feel some sort of love, that is, unless you don't know what love feels like.

    Postet 01.09.2021 in 16:47 Aboulic:

    Both my boyfriend and myself, are best friends with members of the opposite sex also…however even though we’re closer to them, this doesn’t stop the jealously we have for the other. For instance my boyfriends best friend lets call her mia* has had it rough with her on and off boyfriend. They dated for 6 years; but he’s cheated on her 3 times; she stupidly forgave him only to have him do it a 4th time. I called up tom* at 8am the other day to find that he was at her house because she called him up at 1am crying earlier that morning; I know that this is what friends do but she quite frankly is annoying me…she needs friends at times like this but at 1am and when he lives 30mins away? Why couldn’t she wait until morning?...ahhh.

    Postet 02.09.2021 in 00:50 Piston:

    Have you ever referred to your GF's threads in such a way someone could connect her to you?

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