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For a man that is even more than needed for some time. In my spare time i like to read books. Every afternoon i dance and i really like to do it. On weekends i meet up with friends and partying :).

Clair's Personal info & bio

Size: 176 cm / 5'9''
Weight: 62 kg
Age: 33 yrs
Favorite quote: Dont run with the Pack, Be your own leader & take the road less traveled.
Type: Estonian
I offer my service for: will dick
Chest: like peaches
Underwear: Lozana Paris
Parfums: Odori
Orientation: bisexual

I am: Looking for some fun in the sun though i do prefer it cold so i can snuggle ho ho ho. Just here for a bit of fun so if your keen hit me up...


Quickly 50 eur
1 hour 220 eur 300 eur
Plus hour
12 hours
24 hours 1500 eur

Reviews of this escort (20):

    Postet 02.09.2021 in 00:09 Grapefruits:

    no running sign athlete hia.

    Postet 02.09.2021 in 02:53 Carolina:

    noth great but lefty omg (y).

    Postet 02.09.2021 in 12:41 Nery:

    Best looking man I've ever seen.

    Postet 02.09.2021 in 20:56 Bern:

    With experience, it seemed that the guys that wanted a 2nd date would insist on paying. And the guys that didn't, would accept the offer to go dutch. Until recently. I had a date that totally went against the grain. We met for drinks. After establishing that, we both liked each other enough to want to sit there for abit more so we ordered food to share. We ordered a bottle of wine so we effectively ate and drank equally. After the meal, I went off to the bathroom, and he asked for the bill. The bill was sitting on the table when I got back, bill folder closed and he excused himself for a bathroom break as well.

    Postet 03.09.2021 in 01:47 Gophers:

    Don't get it twisted though. I didn't mind paying when she offered and I'm not mad about picking up the tab. Just a thought: Don't some women offer to pay (just to be nice), but really aren't willing to? One of my good friend's SO mentioned that to me that she offered to pay, but really didn't want to. Her thought was going to be "Wow, he actually made me pay".

    Postet 03.09.2021 in 05:03 Beguilement:

    tiny cute longhair brunette lookdown bracelets hia aia holding clothes slippers flipflops blue strapless bandeau bikini jeans denim shorts flat tummy necklace armpit tan fence plants garden.

    Postet 03.09.2021 in 13:55 Lagger:

    1. He seems to find it highly amusing which is making me worse.

    Postet 03.09.2021 in 13:59 Carroter:

    My cousin is 25, couple of years older than me, and he is going to marry this girl whom he had a crush on ever since the first year of his college year. My cousin and I are very close, years before he often complained to me about how this girl never paid any attention to him but goes out with the assh****, the typical bad boy versus good guy crap. My advice to him then was to just forget about her and go after the nice girl. Years later, up about 9 months ago, they started dating. She is now a single mother with 2 kids, but the father of the children is not in her life. I was really annoyed now that all he talks about is her; about how good she is and such. He actually made a comment about how lucky he is consider back then he would never have a chance with her in college. Dude, I used to look up to you! You are her second fiddle, consider her ex-boyfriend hadn't knocked her up and left her, you wouldn't have a chance. It took her 8 YEARS to realize that you are worth dating? The following comic strip pretty much sums up the situation.

    Postet 04.09.2021 in 16:58 Dreamsy:

    so cute, great tummy and tan, now take off the outer shirt and bra and see if shes better.

    Postet 05.09.2021 in 21:45 Pishu:

    they look wild enough to ..

    Postet 07.09.2021 in 04:32 Atrophied:

    Wow!!! Borderline unhealthy skinny/hot skinny... but I'm leaning toward hott skinny.

    Postet 07.09.2021 in 07:18 Ascalon:

    I bought 300 just for the pleasure of seeing him.

    Postet 07.09.2021 in 20:01 Nymphaeum:

    One of my friends girlfriends even bought cloths for him. If a girlfriend did that for me I'd feel more like a pet than a partner. Of course there's always exceptions, that's not to say I'd never want a meal made for me but I wouldn't expect or ask for it.

    Postet 07.09.2021 in 21:21 Postmaster:

    Hi.I'm Keri, I'm an amateur model, I used to dance ballet, and I'm a waitress at Perkin.

    Postet 08.09.2021 in 05:29 Vocalist:

    DU deleted my shitty pics I uploaded... Damn. I'd already warned Jack about my mistake, he was soooo looking forward to seeing them :).

    Postet 08.09.2021 in 11:10 Skalds:

    Wow, she sounds like quite a prize! I think that would be too much for me in a partner. I would suggest to cut your losses, you are too different and things will not improve down the road.

    Postet 08.09.2021 in 14:05 Inforep:

    I can only wonder what she looks like now 9 years later.

    Postet 10.09.2021 in 07:34 Kemish:

    brunette bed black tank top jeans.

    Postet 10.09.2021 in 20:01 Yatskiv:

    Hola soy un caballero buscando una dama simpatica, honesta , inteligente y que le gusten las cosas simples que nos ofrece la vida, entre 50 y 60, Vivo en Canada desde el 87, tengo una hija de 8 que.

    Postet 11.09.2021 in 12:44 Verite:

    Dupes like this can be triplets in my opinion.

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