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I am a very hot girl i like to please i am arrechamasturbati on, brunette, ebony, vaginal masturbation, anal masturbation, toys, shaved, amateur, orgasm, natural tits, i can show you the caliene that i am without limits always ciendo yo.

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Size: 147 cm / 4'10''
Weight: 56 kg
Age: 24 yrs
Hobby: Cars, gurls, Car gurls, working out, the usual boi thangs..
Type: Georgian
I offer my service for: Sexdate suchen
Chest: BB
Underwear: Milavitsa
Parfums: Divine
Orientation: Heterosexual

I am: Single dad with spare time looking to meet fun like minded people to hang out with and have some fun. I like chilling at nights and much more during night.


Quickly 100 eur
1 hour 270 eur 390 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
Plus hour 130 eur 220 eur + Outcall Travel Fee (Taxi)
12 hours 800 eur
24 hours 1100 eur

Reviews of this escort (20):

    Postet 07.08.2021 in 07:12 Exited:

    If I could only look at one pic for the rest of my life, this would be the one!

    Postet 07.08.2021 in 14:10 Lucille:

    I have to play devil's advocate here a bit. I used to online date quite a bit - had accounts on lots of services. I've been in an exclusive monogamous relationship for 6 months now - and very happy. I *still* get reminders from the services - 3x a week - my 'matches'. I keep tryin to turn the damn things off - but doesn't work - so I get the notices non-stop. It just got to be such a PITA I ignore them. My eyes don't even really register them in my inbox - they just get ignored like spam. Now - to be honest - if I got notice of a smile or wink or mail - I *might* go check it out - just outta curiosity. But - also - knowing me - I'd probably also send an email to the person saying - "sorry, off the market" - but that's just me. If she's truly been in an abusive relationship that killed her self-esteem - the lil ego boosts of a wink might be just that.

    Postet 07.08.2021 in 16:47 Orographic:

    olivia why don't you ask admin to change your user name / your pictures id numbers?

    Postet 08.08.2021 in 13:20 Jesper:

    Am 52 years old ,looking for a genuine person gsh can laugh at there selve.

    Postet 09.08.2021 in 07:59 Xdouble:

    Not counting all the inconsistencies, your gut is screaming at you. You seem like a reasonable guy and are not making this up in your head. Even if you get past this there will be something else down the line. It hardly seems worth putting yourself through this.

    Postet 09.08.2021 in 13:24 Nacelle:

    It's just recently that it has happened more often, but there have been other times where she has had orgasms and I haven't. I'm 16, she is almost 16. She was also tired tonight after I made her orgasm, then 15-20 minutes before I was supposed to leave she said 'ok let's go' since she was tired. I said 'ok I'll go', then she said 'don't be gay' and I asked how I was being gay. When we got upstairs she said she knew something was wrong.

    Postet 10.08.2021 in 02:25 Riant:

    im single, lookin for a friend to make me smile,lookin for my prince charming!!!!!!!!.

    Postet 10.08.2021 in 18:16 Astonished:

    At first I though:-..hmm.. sexyBut then... WAIT A SECOND !

    Postet 10.08.2021 in 19:09 Kitty:

    honey coloured hair goh scrunchie playboy necklace downshot.

    Postet 11.08.2021 in 06:07 Wigeon:

    this pic was sittin' at 84-28 for 3 days. isn't that 75%?

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 09:09 Cordey:

    You will not find the kind of R or love you need at this piont because of your negitive, self demeaning behavoir.

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 20:56 Konrath:

    I haven't heard from him since, and he didn't respond to the two texts I sent. I feel predictably used and awful.

    Postet 12.08.2021 in 21:53 Hofbrau:

    Ya know if people would read comments before they post they wouldn't looks so stupid. Also, no way you can know they weren't doops.

    Postet 13.08.2021 in 17:09 Percussionist:

    agree let those go free.

    Postet 14.08.2021 in 01:43 Bonnets:

    highlander99: two things. One, you must not realize that the site is run in one of the U.S. time zones, so 10 hours ago when admin said it would be up tonight means that he is still in the same day, thus his prediction can still be met (so I'd apologize for being an ass). Second, probably not a good idea to piss off the person who has the ability to ban you.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 03:50 Rhew:

    They were some of the toughest years that I have spent on this planet. I can't tell you how many nights I waited up for him to come home when we lived together when I (and he) had to go to work the next day. Mind you, we were together a year when we moved in together and this started later than that, not immediately.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 11:16 Townson:

    - I went to Concordia College and.

    Postet 15.08.2021 in 14:12 Halve:

    Thanks for the responses guys. I was waiting on him to contact me because I hate more than anything contacting him first. I don't want to appear as if I'm desperate and have nothing better to do than wait around for him to say hey i'm still alive over here just been busy. That being said I was weak tonight and broke down and contacted him when I saw him online. I waited a good 20 minutes without him saying so much as a hello to me. Yeah I know that should of been a HUGE hint for me right there that he did not wanna talk. I said hello anyway and we had a brief 5 minute convo before he had to go to bed. He sounded happy to hear from me and we talked like we normally would. He asked me what I thought about last weekend and I said I had a really good time. He said he did as well. He said he was just tired from work and we ended it because he had an early day tomorrow. Maybe it was an excuse or maybe it was the truth I don't know.

    Postet 16.08.2021 in 08:08 Sadye:

    Why did you call him? I don't see the logic in that. You didn't need his permission to go, and now you've gone and made a big mess, and put your wife in a position where she's gotta "choose" between you.

    Postet 16.08.2021 in 10:32 Herbaceous:

    I am cheerful, funny, purposeful and friendly. I do not stop when I do something, and strive to improve myself. I dream of a happy life, to love and to achieve in life as much as possibl.

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