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Size: 174 cm / 5'9''
Weight: 92 kg / 203 lbs
Age: 33 yrs
Hobby: I love to sing it's my favorite <3 and my friends being with them = <3
Type: Serbian
I offer my service for: will sex-dating
Chest: like peaches
Eye color: gray
Parfums: Patrizia Pepe
Orientation: bisexual

I am: We have been together for Kehlani years & what to experience everything sooner of later. If we connect with the right person/couple, then the rest will.


Quickly 50 eur 130 eur
1 hour 270 eur 300 eur
Plus hour 150 eur
12 hours
24 hours 1100 eur

Reviews of this escort (21):

    Postet 31.10.2021 in 17:09 Crawly:

    This whole thing is going to end badly. You're going to end up telling him about it and it has the potential of getting REALLY ugly. I'm a little afraid for you.

    Postet 01.11.2021 in 15:55 Shadowgraph:

    The one I'm looking for is not among 'em.

    Postet 02.11.2021 in 05:01 Rhomb:

    Just make sure you don't vote under that other profile.

    Postet 03.11.2021 in 15:29 Bebber:

    Not even 'Wonderbread' has buns that nice!

    Postet 03.11.2021 in 17:46 Whitewashed:

    She has a bunch of pics, pink background on two.

    Postet 04.11.2021 in 08:48 Blauser:

    I know she has a bf and I Know its wrong but for some reason I cannot stop thinking about her. Its like we have this connection and I literally felt sparks looking into her eyes. I asked her out for coffee and she agreed but then called the next day and said she couldn't disrespect her bf like that and that she does like me but she just couldn't go out.

    Postet 04.11.2021 in 14:54 Schone:

    Lastly, as others have said, this woman is NOT a friend. I would freeze her out of your social network.

    Postet 04.11.2021 in 16:29 Mentors:

    I notice middle is standing on tiptoe to match the other two in height. 1 3 2 by the way.

    Postet 04.11.2021 in 21:45 Delbert:

    OP it sounds like you've become more interested him... since he ghosted you and thus, is no longer interested in you.

    Postet 05.11.2021 in 04:30 Tsakalis:

    Theres this married guy I know, I always catch him looking at me then looking down when I catch him. I always got the impression he would actively try and avoid sitting next to me but he always sat straight across from me so he could see me. But more recently he has started to sit next to me and nearly every time he will have his leg touching mine even when there is plenty of room. I know that sounds really high school but I am getting a wierd vibe from it. He also was walking next to me once and was bumping into my side constantly for about a minute, plenty of room not to again... another thing is we were sat on the sofa and reached his arm around the back of my neck touching it to tickle his nieces head who was on my other side. I just felt like he didn't need to do that? And he also has leant his elbow on my leg before to reach across for things.

    Postet 05.11.2021 in 07:34 Incorporeal:

    I will defend our relationship saying that we've built something great. I know it sounds stupid saying this now but we were 2 people with solid values and integrity. Always open to each other... never any trust issues. Communicated very well.

    Postet 05.11.2021 in 12:28 Sibel:

    You mentioned you are used to blocking out emotions and using your faculties of reasoning instead. So you should pretty much realize that any future with her will inevitably lead to a horrible trainwreck.

    Postet 06.11.2021 in 01:58 Faroese:

    i live in a small town with my ten month old baby girl while going to college for business. i'm just trying to find a guy who isn't trying to change anything about me or how i do thing.

    Postet 06.11.2021 in 11:15 Feuille:

    It's because they led me on to believe they wanted a relationship with me by telling me they did but after a few months still no sex & them expecting me to ignore other women.

    Postet 06.11.2021 in 11:59 Letha:

    i'm surprised more ppl haven't commented on this. too many wins to count in this one.

    Postet 07.11.2021 in 00:55 Bodes:

    On the other hand, you need to give her space. I have been through this and know this situation all too well. There is no good way out of this for you. The "best" way is to just let her be. It is going to sting. Give yourself some time to feel the pain. Then bit by bit, move on.

    Postet 07.11.2021 in 05:17 Learoyd:

    Im a honest person. some say too honest for my own goo.

    Postet 07.11.2021 in 08:15 Razor:

    dating isnt hard, doing sex is hard, there not linked, you seem to be a tad confused about that.

    Postet 08.11.2021 in 12:09 Dreariness:

    Here is a question : When considering the PERSON that they are stalking, is there a certain something about the PERSON that provokes an unstable person to stalk them? You may not be a ravishing beauty, but sometimes when you are just being friendly and chatty with someone they will get an unnatural attachment to you. So should I just be paranoid and just not be friendly and chatty with others I meet? Where is the balance?

    Postet 09.11.2021 in 07:00 Flowers:

    Hey how you doing? I am a pretty easy going person who is looking to experience the best and most beautiful things in life.

    Postet 09.11.2021 in 11:14 Cady:

    HI, My name is Johnathon, I'm 24 years old and I'm rediscovering life. I love to cook, go on walks, write, both poetry and more. camp, travel, meet new people and so much more. This is such a big.

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